I started as an antique dealer in 2003, mainly because I needed to weed out some of my things to make room for more. Sound familiar to some of you? I also love making things and Bob is quite the wood working master. We both work well as a team to create our works of art. After being told by many friends and family that we should share this passion and talent with others and sell our wares I decided now is as good a time as any, so here I am!

If you see something you love and want to purchase it to add to your primitive/colonial/cabin/country home, or to give as a special gift, please feel free to click on my Email button to contact me. I accept Paypal, money orders, or personal checks. Any payment made by check must clear before I ship. I do not charge any handling fees. All sales are final, however our main goal is to have happy costumers so I will be giving detailed descriptions on all items and I will gladly provide multiple pics vie email at your request. Please stop back often as I will be posting new goodies as often as I can. If at any time you see a “SOLD” sign and are interested in the item please contact me and I will let you know if I can make or get more. We also do custom, made to order items so you can get the color, finish, etc. that you prefer. I am so happy to share with others my love and passion for primitives, antiques, and handmade goodies!!! Thank you for stopping and I hope you come back often! Hugssss, Judy


Monday, October 18, 2010



I simply love this candle holder! It is made to hang on a cupboard door or on a bowl rack as shown. It is handmade by me. The 6 1/2" primitive "AGED MUSTARD BEESWAX TAPER" candle is included.It is super scented in Sugar Cookie and smells simply divine! The reflector measures approx. 3 3/4" in dia.and has an aged look like antique tinware. Overall height is approx. 7 3/4." I wrapped the base of the candle with a piece of tea dyed cheese cloth. The twisted, coiled, and aged wire that holds the candle can also hold a primitive battery operated taper candle if you carefully open the coiled wire a bit more. The wire is soldered to the back of the reflector and the hanger can be carefully bent to fit any size you need so it will hang snugly.

 The price is $12.99 each plus shipping

NOTE: I do not make the candle that is included with this item. The credit goes to my friend Kim who makes them and sells them in her online store called "Primitive Candle Cupboard." Her items are the greatest and so are her prices... http://primitivecandlecupboard.com/


This primitive style wooden pantry box is painted, stenciled, and aged by me. The box measures approx. 2 3/4" high and approx. 5 1/2" in dia. I painted this piece in an antique golden color and stenciled a colonial basket of flowers design in black all the way around the side. I also painted black stenciling around the lid side and added other black detailing. I finished it with a warm brown stain. I left the interior unfinished. I love the finished color and look!


The price is $11.99 plus shipping


Now if these aren't the cutest lil prim grungy tea light candle holders I ever seen I don't know what is! I made this with an old zinc mason jar lid. I filled it with some spanish moss, added a lightly scented grungy tea light candle, that I also made, and put an aged wire hanger on it. It measures approx. 4 1/2" high with the hanger and approx. 3" dia. The lightly scented grungy tea light candle is included. Perfect for hanging on a peg or tucking in a spot that just needed a little something extra. These also make the cutest prim tree ornaments! I will definitely be adding them to my primitive Christmas tree this year.

The price is $8.99 each plus shipping


I was out and about recently and came across this wonderful fabric. I love it so much I went back to get more! These towels were handmade by me and measure 19 1/2" x 28 1/2". I would say the fabric is of med. weight. It has a golden colonial mustard and black print. Simply primtastic for hanging over a cupboard door, or bowl rack, on a peg, or as a table square. There isn't a lot of this fabric to go around so please place your order before they are gone!

The price is $9.99 each plus shipping  


Jack looks so happy and cheerful! These are perfect for Halloween! Like all my cinnamon salt dough items, I have applied a special technique I use to darken them to a warm brown/black color. They are also coated with a blend of spices before baking and after. They smell delicious! They measure approx. 3 1/2" x 3". These look so primitive sitting in a tin dish with some tea dyed cheese cloth and/or placed on a cutting board or stove board. It will arrive to you wrapped in a piece of aged cheese cloth. 

The Price is $3.99 each plus shipping 


These spiced salt dough primitive pineapple ornaments come as a set of six. These are so cute. I just love the pineapple motif! They are made by me and measure approx 2" x 1 1/2", not including the hanger. I tied a piece of jute rope through the hole to make the hanger. They are spiced and baked and spiced again to give that prim look and lovely smell we all love. Like all my salt dough items I have applied a special technique of mine to darken them to a warm brown/black color. They look primtastic on a prim twig tree or wreath or just hanging from a peg or nail. Not only do they look great for Christmas but you can use them all year long! I also make these without the hole and hanger so they can be used as bowl ornies. The bowl ornies are sold in a set of six as well. Please just let me know which way you would like them when you e-mail me with your order. The set will arrive to you wrapped in a piece of aged cheese cloth.

The price is $6.99 per set/6 plus shipping
Please state with or without holes for hanging when placing your order.


This primitive spiced salt dough acorn design pantry cake is one of my favorites. I love the detail and design that this mold has. It is just the right touch for Fall and Winter! It measures approx. 4 3/4" in dia. and again I used my special technique to darken it to a warm brown/black color and spiced it before and after baking. I like displaying mine inside a pantry box or on a dough board under a shoofly. It will arrive to you wrapped in a piece of aged cheese cloth. 

The price is $5.99 plus shipping


These little critters have been very popular! One of my friend's call them lil mouse-lings so I just had to give them that name, LOL. They are sewn and hand painted by me and measure approx. 2 3/4" long, not including their tail. Each mouse-ling has it's own little personality because I make no two exactly the same. As you can see in the two pics, their colors vary from brown to light grey. They look so cute displayed with pantry items and tucked in all different places around the home. They are realistic enough to even play a prank or two with, but you didn't hear that from me,LOL. The ideas are endless so please consider buying more then one! You won't be sorry...

The Price is $6.99 ea. plus shipping
I currently have 5 available


This is a vintage cardboard egg carton that will hold up to 1 dozen eggs,(eggs are not included). The carton measures 7" x 5 1/4" and is 2 1/4" high. The printing and graphics on the lid is blue. The graphics show a couple of chickens, baby chicks, a barn, fence, and silo. There is also blue printing on the front and back side of the carton that reads "1 dozen EGGS." It is in very good to great condition. These are not easy to find in our neck of the woods especially in this great condition. I like displaying mine on my hoosier and placing faux eggs in it. It also looks good on a stove board with a wooden bowl or two, an egg beater, and some other related goodies! The inserts can come out and the box folds flat for storing.


The price is $8.99 plus shipping


This is a piece I recently re-did. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. I painted it black, sanded it, distressed and aged it with some brown stain. It has a hole on the back of the handle for hanging it or the bowl part has a flattened area so it can sit on a surface.(I included pics showing both ways). It measures 12" high and 7" across the bowl area. Wouldn't it look primtastic displayed in the bathroom as a soap dish? I always find the bathroom hard to prim decorate and this would be so unique! Or how about hanging in the kitchen or dining room with a candle or some grungy prim spiced fruits placed in the bowl as I have shown? Where ever it goes and what ever you decide to put in it will look great!

The price is $13.99 plus shipping


They sure don't make them like this one anymore! This vintage retro toaster measures 7" high X 8" across the base. It is in good condition for it's age. I did not try cleaning it up so there is some light pitting on it but it may come off with a little washing and polishing, (please see 1st pic). I do not know if it works because it does not have the cord. This toaster makes an awesome display piece for those retro kitchen lovers out there! This is for the toaster only.

The price is  $14.99 plus shipping


This vintage wooden red silverware box is like brand new! It measures 8 1/2" X 13 1/2" and is 2" high. It is painted a bright red on all four sides. This box could go hand in hand with that retro kitchen as well as a country kitchen. It could even be primmed up too. From office, to craft room, to kitchen, these boxes come in handy for so many uses!

The price is $ 13.99 plus shipping


These primitive make-do shooflies look as though they have been used for years! I have two sizes available at this time. The smallest one measures approx. 5” dia. and approx. 3 1/2” high, including the knob. The knob is wooden and distressed black. The other two measure approx. 7 1/2” dia. and approx. 4 3/4” high, including the knob. One has a wooden and distressed black knob and the other has a wooden distressed green knob. The knobs are handmade and the shooflies have been aged by me. They are not perfectly domed and the two larger shooflies have a couple of breaks in the screen. (Nothing bad but I did want to mention it). However, this just adds to the character and charm just like the antiques they are made to look like. Shooflies are just the right prim touch with those yummy smelling pantry cakes we all love. Place them on a shelf, in a cupboard, on the counter, on a stove board, etc. They will look primtastic anywhere!

The price is: 5” dia. $12.99 plus shipping
7 ½” dia. $15.99 plus shipping


I love the detailed carved edge on this charger! It looks like a half flower that is carved and scalloped around the outer edge with three carved spikes separating each half flower. I refinished this piece with a dark stain and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. It has a redish color to the wood and I put a black stain over it. It measures 12” dia. and makes for the perfect under dish for those shooflies I have available.

The price is $ 12.99 plus shipping


These were so fun to make! The sewn birds themselves measure approx. 5 1/2” long. The height for each varies due to the different bases I have used. I tea dyed the fabric and aged them again after they were completed. The wings are lightly stuffed and stitched. They also have black eyes that are stitched and tucked. I have embellished each one differently as seen in the pic. This makes a great gift for that seamstress or sewing memorabilia collector.

Please refer to the pic for each numbered pin keep:

#1 is the Cream and Dark Red Bird Pin Keep. The bird has a cream and dark red print fabric and he has a red button hanging from his beak with a piece of crochet tread. He is sitting in a nest of moss and perched on an old rusty spring.  
#2 is the Black Crow Pin Keep. He has a rusty bell pinned to his upper breast with a rusty safety pin. He is sitting in a nest of moss and perched on an old spool that still has some black tread on it.
#3 is the Blue Bird Pin Keep. This guy has dark blue fabric with little scissors printed on it. His wings have a coordinate fabric that is cream, dark blue, and red. Around his neck is a string of old buttons that match the colors in the fabric. He is sitting in a nest of moss and perched on an old rusty spring.  
#4 is the Golden Bird Pin Keep. He is made of a golden colored fabric that has a brown tiny floral print throughout. He has a rusty safety pin holding a brown button on his back. He is sitting in a nest of moss and perched on an old spool that still has some old thread on it.

Close up pics are available upon request. Please state which number you would like when you order.

The price is $11.99 ea. plus shipping


I love this prim cubby! I redid this piece in a nice prim red paint. I then distressed it by sanding and applying some black wash. I finished it with brown stain. It measures approx. 13” long X 6 3/4” high X 3 1/2” deep. There are three small cubbies across the front for displaying goodies in. The middle one is slightly smaller then the other two. It looks great sitting on top of something or it also has a hook on the back for hanging.

The price is $ 15.99 plus shipping

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