I started as an antique dealer in 2003, mainly because I needed to weed out some of my things to make room for more. Sound familiar to some of you? I also love making things and Bob is quite the wood working master. We both work well as a team to create our works of art. After being told by many friends and family that we should share this passion and talent with others and sell our wares I decided now is as good a time as any, so here I am!

If you see something you love and want to purchase it to add to your primitive/colonial/cabin/country home, or to give as a special gift, please feel free to click on my Email button to contact me. I accept Paypal, money orders, or personal checks. Any payment made by check must clear before I ship. I do not charge any handling fees. All sales are final, however our main goal is to have happy costumers so I will be giving detailed descriptions on all items and I will gladly provide multiple pics vie email at your request. Please stop back often as I will be posting new goodies as often as I can. If at any time you see a “SOLD” sign and are interested in the item please contact me and I will let you know if I can make or get more. We also do custom, made to order items so you can get the color, finish, etc. that you prefer. I am so happy to share with others my love and passion for primitives, antiques, and handmade goodies!!! Thank you for stopping and I hope you come back often! Hugssss, Judy


Friday, July 8, 2011



 Pineapples, apples, and pears, oh no! These fruits are all air dried and spiced to perfection. Unlike my other salt dough items I did not bake these. They are spiced with my special blend of spices. The pineapples have cloves inserted around the sides and I used Sweet Annie for the tops. The pears and apples each have real looking stems. They are all flat on the bottoms so they sit up well. They vary in size from 2",(not including the stems on the apples and pears), to 4 3/4" including the Sweet Annie on the pineapples. These are sold in sets of 2. I currently only have 1 set of each available...

The price is $7.99 per pair plus shipping


 Bob made this cutting board to duplicate an antique one that I have. Please refer to the pic. The one to the right of the pic is the antique,(not for sale),  and the one to the left of the pic is the one he made and it is the one available. It was cut from a 100+ year old piece of oak wood and I have destressed and stained it. I even scratched it up and made the center worn and darker so it appears to have been well used and loved for many years. It measures approx. 18 ¼” X 6 ½” X ¼” thick which makes it light in weight.I am so please with how it turned out that I can hardly tell the old from the new! A primtastic board that is the perfect size for hanging or displaying... 

The price is $21.99 plus shipping


 These little adorable baby shoes are just too sweet! They have some normal wear as seen in the pic. Each tie has two little tassles that just add to the sweetness! Great for a prim doll or teddy bear.  

The price is $14.99 plus shipping


 This primtastic bowl shelf was made by Bob with 100+ year old wood.It measures approx. 22 1/4" X 15 1/2" X 4 3/4". The wood is in the origional finish as it was found. There is a wire that can be slightly adjusted to hold a bowl in place on the shelf. There is also wire running across the inside shelf brackets so you can hang some prim goodies. The bowl and other items shown are NOT included...

The price is $42.99 plus shipping


This large Marcrest brown pitcher is awesome!It is marked on the bottom “MARCREST STONEWARE OVEN PROOF”. It measures approx. 8 ½” tall X 6 1/8” across the bottom, handle to spout is approx. 8 ½” as well. It has an emboised design that goes around the outside. There is 2 small chips on the spout, (additional pics available), however it does not take away from the overall beauty or character of the pitcher at all...
The price is $30.99 plus shipping 



 This piece is designed and created by Bob and I. It measures 23 1/2" X 12 3/4" X 4". This is 100+ year old wood and it has been stained over so some of the grungy paint shows through. There are 3 cubbies that I have displayed a little bit of everything in the pic to show the many uses. A great piece to use as a spice rack as well...

The Price is $44.99 plus shipping
SMALLER VERSION... measures approx. 23 ½” x 8” X 3 ¾”
The price is $39.99 plus shipping


 This is made by Bob and the wood is old Spaulted Maple. It measures approx. 7 1/2" X 5" X 4". The wood grain is simply primtastic! The lid opens so you can display those prim goodies inside. It has a hole for hanging if desired...

The price is $15.99 plus shipping


Bob handmade these boxes with some 100+ yr.old wood scraps he had saved from other projects. Each box has a bit of a different shape and style. The one on the left of the pic has slanted sides and measures approx. 3 ½” high and 7” across the top and approx. 5 ¼” across the bottom. It has the original worn grayish white paint on the outside and I lightly stained the interior. The box on the right measures approx. 2 ¾” high X 5 ½” wide and it has the orginal worn greenish blue paint on the outside and I also lightly stained the interior. They are worn and imperfect adding to their primtastic charm! These look so prim with a topiary tree, a plant or flower, or small prim feather tree placed in them or try displaying eggs, gourds, or rag balls!

The price is $9.99 plus shipping for the slanted sided box.(on the left)
The price is $7.99 plus shipping for the smaller square box. (on the right) ~SOLD~


 ~SOLD~The 2 small wooden bowls have the perfect worn patina. They are selling for $5.99 ea. or $9.99 for both plus shipping

~SOLD~The wooden spool measures 6 1/2" tall X 3 1/2" dia. The price is $4.99 plus shipping

~SOLD~The primitive wood and black metal ladle measures approx. 14 1/2" long. A great piece to display with an old iron kettle or placing by the fireplace. The price is $9.99 plus shipping  


 Here I am offering the four items displayed. First is the green handled wooden antique rolling pin. It measures approx. 17 1/2" long and is in great condition. The patina is primtastic! Secondly is the green handled cookie or biscuit cutter which is in good condition and measures approx. 2 3/4" in dia. Third is the biscuit cutter and fourth is the VINTAGE 1920’S – 30’S 10 oz. HEALTH CLUB BAKING POWDER TIN. This vintage baking powder tin measures approx. 4 1/2” high X 3” dia. The graphics and writing are visible and clear although it has some wear as shown in the pic. After doing some research I have discovered that this brand name is not very easy to find. Great piece to display in your kitchen, pantry, or buttery...


The price for the green handled wooden rolling pin is $12.99 plus shipping

The price for the wooden green handled biscuit cutter is $3.99 plus shipping

The price for the other biscuit cutter is $2.99 plus shipping plus shipping

The price for the vintage Baking Powder Tin is $12.99 plus shipping

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