I started as an antique dealer in 2003, mainly because I needed to weed out some of my things to make room for more. Sound familiar to some of you? I also love making things and Bob is quite the wood working master. We both work well as a team to create our works of art. After being told by many friends and family that we should share this passion and talent with others and sell our wares I decided now is as good a time as any, so here I am!

If you see something you love and want to purchase it to add to your primitive/colonial/cabin/country home, or to give as a special gift, please feel free to click on my Email button to contact me. I accept Paypal, money orders, or personal checks. Any payment made by check must clear before I ship. I do not charge any handling fees. All sales are final, however our main goal is to have happy costumers so I will be giving detailed descriptions on all items and I will gladly provide multiple pics vie email at your request. Please stop back often as I will be posting new goodies as often as I can. If at any time you see a “SOLD” sign and are interested in the item please contact me and I will let you know if I can make or get more. We also do custom, made to order items so you can get the color, finish, etc. that you prefer. I am so happy to share with others my love and passion for primitives, antiques, and handmade goodies!!! Thank you for stopping and I hope you come back often! Hugssss, Judy


Tuesday, August 16, 2011



This is for all you apple lovers out there! This Bromwell’s flour sifter is in great condition. It is white with an apple motif and is a 3 cup measure. This would look great displayed with those wooden bowls we all love or as a base container for a prim floral arrangement!

The price is $8.99 plus shipping


This vintage Androck sifter is in very good condition. There are a few minor scratches on the outside but nothing that takes away from the beauty. It is slightly smaller in size then the apple motif sifter I also have available. It measures approx. 5" X 4" and is in full working condition. Great piece for you "blue" lovers out there!....

The price is $8.99 plus shipping


This small stoneware crock was probably used for canning jams and/or jellies. It measures approx. 4 3/4" X 3" and is in very good condition. There are no cracks or chips. There is some slight crazing and yellowing of the glaze and some very slight roughness around the inner rim which is quite common with an aged piece such as this. It does have writing in the slip on the bottom however I am unable to make it out. I like tieing a piece of aged cheese cloth around the tops of mine and displaying them on a shelf as shown in my last picture above...

The price is $10.99 plus shipping


I have personally owned this antique bowl for over 17 yrs. My mom purchased it for me at an antique shop in Texas during her travels west with my grandmother.
It measures approx. 9" dia. X 3 1/4" high. There is one tiny chip on the rim that I almost overlooked and a slight crack,(approx. 1 in.), on the inside that does not go all the way through. It may just be in the glaze. The overall condition is very good. The black glaze around the outer edge is a sponged design and the blue kind of fades to cream as it goes down the outside of the bowl. A great piece to display and/or use!...

The price is $22.99 plus shipping


1. ~SOLD~ The primitive wooden lg. spool measures approx. 9 1/4" X 4" and is in very good condition...
The price is $6.99 plus shipping

2. ~SOLD~ The black metal candle holder has a strap handle on the back with a hole for hanging. However it can also sit on something as well. It measures approx. 8" X 3 1/2" X 5 1/4" deep counting the strap handle. It is in very good condition. The candle is NOT included...
The price is $8.99 plus shipping

3. ~SOLD~ The vintage strap handled grater is a great piece and is getting harder and harder to find! It measures approx. 4" X 3". Can be used as a display piece in the kitchen or as a primitive soap dish for the bath...
The price is $4.99 plus shipping 


This vintage rug beater measures approx. 2' X 9" at the widest. It is in very good condition but is ever so slightly out of shape from the hard use over the years. It is still good and sturdy and it makes for a great display piece! I personal think these make great pieces of art when different styled ones are displayed on a wall together. I have several of them and had them displayed on my laundry room wall...

The price is $17.99 plus shipping


These little bundt cakes are the perfect size to tuck under your shoo fly or to display in your pantry, etc. They each measure aprox. 3" dia. X 1 1/2". Again each cake has been done with my special technique and spiced before and after baking. These look great displayed with the Corn Pantry Cakes I also have available...

The price is $4.99 each plus shipping


This vintage graniteware or enamelware measuring pitcher is awesome! It is in great condition with little to no wear. The rim edge is blue and the blue writing on the outside says 1000 grams 32 oz. The inside has a measuring graph that goes from 2 oz. - 32 oz., 100 grams - 1000 grams, and 1 pt. and 1 qt. It measures approx. 5 3/4" high X 8 1/4" from the spout to the handle edge. There are no chips on this wonderful piece!...
The price is $20.99 plus shipping


This primitive wooden bowl measures approx. 10" dia. X 3 1/2" high. It is in great condition and the patina is awesome! I do not know the age this bowl...

The price is $24.99 plus shipping


1. This vintage blue kettle is the prettiest shade of blue! It measures approx. 5" tall, not including the lid, by 6 1/4". There are no chips and there is minimal wear on this piece! The lid knob and trim are black and the wooden handle grip is black in color as well. A great vintage piece in great condition!...
The price is $27.99 plus shipping

2. The vintage blue graniteware sauce pan with spout measures approx. 10 1/8" X 4 1/2". It has a few nicks and chips but is in overall good condition. The interior of the pan is white...
The price is $9.99 plus shipping

3. The vintage graniteware #2 butter warmer is also in great condition. The handle and edge are black and the interior is white. It is stamped on the bottom with the #2, a picture of a kettle, and "Made in Poland." This piece goes great with the red #8 I also had available...
The price is $10.99 plus shipping


1. These two blue speckled garnite spoons measure approx. 12 1/4" long. I have had these for several yrs. but do not however believe these are very old but I may be wrong. They are both in great condition with no chips...
The price is $8.99 each plus shipping

2. These two blue speckled granite ladles are both in fair to good condition. Each one has a few flaws and chips. The small one measures approx. 11" long X 3 1/8" dia.
The price for the small one is $9.99 plus shipping
The price for the large one is
$11.99 plus shipping


1.The blue speckled graniteware teapot is in great condition! It measures approx. 8" tall with the lid and 7 1/2" from spout to handle edge...
The price is $16.99 plus shipping

2. The blue speckled graniteware sugar bowl with lid is also a piece I have had for years but I do not believe it to be very old. However it is in great condition and displays well with older pieces. It measures approx. 4 1/2" X 3 3/4"...
The price is $7.99 plus shipping

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